Midwest Tape is a full-service media distributor, offering a wide variety of solutions to library specific problems for DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, Audiobooks, and Playaways. We believe that libraries provide a door to a world of education and discovery, and through our products and services, we aim to help libraries keep that door wide-open.


Save time and money on shelf ready materials

Our exclusive Variable Integrated Processing (VIP) program uses digital imaging technology to generate product artwork incorporating all of your labels, perfectly placed every time. The VIP program offers libraries:

  • Specific customization
  • Branded and attractive appearance
  • Money-saving solution for label outsourcing costs (no stickers)
  • Perfect label placement every time
  • Theft deterrent
  • Sturdy components
  • Versatility for changing needs
  • High quality digital images
  • Faster service


Multiple options for all budgets

Midwest Tape offers four types of MARC records to simplify your workflow. We can deliver the records via email, FTP, or direct download from our website.

  • Midwest Tape Vendor records-suitable for initial cataloging and ordering
  • Midwest Tape MARC on the Spot
  • Official Full records
  • Official Customized records

Opening Day Collections

Full collections on opening day

Creating a comprehensive collection of audiovisual materials for your new library or branch can be a daunting task. To ensure you get started on the right foot, our collection development specialists will work with your selectors to build a list of the best materials for your library. We will provide complete cataloging and processing to your specifications. Once everything is ready, we'll ship the collection in time for your requested delivery date.

Customized Standing Orders

Save time and money with our workflow solutions

Let Midwest Tape help you manage your audiovisual collections with the most comprehensive and flexible standing order plans in the industry. Our contract-free Customized Standing Order programs feature:

  • Pre-publication title notification
  • Customized and obligation-free carts uploaded to your account
  • Easy to manage carts with adjustable branch distributions and fund codes
  • Flexible quantities based on box office gross, Billboard chart positions, and the New York Times Best Sellers list
  • Free vendor records available

9xx MARC Ordering

Midwest Tape works with all major Integrated Library Systems (ILS), such as Innovative, Horizon, Sirsi, Polaris, and Carl, to streamline the creation of order records by adding 9xx tags to Midwest Tape downloadable vendor records. There is no charge for the programming of these tags or the downloading of vendor records.

9xx ordering saves you and your library time.

We can populate your vendor records to show such information as specified funds, locations, and collection codes. You won't have to enter any of this information manually.

Eliminate manually creating orders in your system.

Using information you provide, we will program the additional order record tags attached to your downloaded vendor records. These order record tags vary by ILS, but the tag itself is usually found in the 900s. This 9xx tag will carry whatever fund (budget), location, collection code, pricing information, and note fields you need.

We can also program any needed static data into other such user-defined tags as 092, 099, and 590. For example, if you need a tag to always read "DVD on Order" for all DVD titles, we can set that up for you.

Our robust vendor records are always free.

You can download vendor records as often as needed and modify them to include or exclude individual tags. Once you have downloaded the order into your system, you can continue to order via the web, or we can set up electronic (EDIFACT/X12) ordering for you to place your orders with us via FTP (Internet File Transfer Protocol). Electronic invoicing is also an option when ordering via FTP. (Please see the whitepaper entitled "Electronic Ordering & Invoicing with EDI" for more information.)

Learn more about 9xx ordering with these systems or contact Marin Lindsay at MLindsay@midwesttapes.com with any questions.

We support innovative, Horizon, Sirsi, Polaris, and others.

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